The images you'll see as you scroll down to the current text are all part of the story telling in my novel, Realms of Gold:Ritual to Romance.

Bianca Caldwell, pen name, Bianca Fiore, is a writer for an art magazine. In each of her monthly stories she describes an object used in ancient ritual.


"In Sicily, the first inhabitants mentioned in history are the tribes of the Sicani (Greek Sikanoi) and the Sicels (Greek Sikeloi), who have given Sicily its more familiar modern "The symbol dates back to when Sicily was part of Magna Graecia, the colonial extension of Greece beyond the Aegean. Pliny the Elder attributes the origin of the triskelion of Sicily to the triangular form of the island, the ancient Trinacria. The triskelion was revived, as an emblem for the new Napoleonic Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, by Joachim Murat in 1808.


 The center head, complete with snakes for hair, is that of Medusa.

In an earlier blog for Sicilia Bedda. sung by Giuseppe di Stefano.
explains the consonant shift from D to L  to change Medus to Melusina