The images you'll see as you scroll down to the current text are all part of the story telling in my novel, Realms of Gold:Ritual to Romance.

Bianca Caldwell, pen name, Bianca Fiore, is a writer for an art magazine. In each of her monthly stories she describes an object used in ancient ritual.

Ancient Gold Objects From Vani, Georgia

Inspired by the myth of  Jason and the Argonauts. these objects are seen as a  cultural bridge between Europe and Asia. Over forty years of excavations at Vani, "the Pompeii of Colchis,"  have returned all sorts of wonders. In particular, sumptuous funerary objects found in the tombs when  the kingdom reached the peak of wealth and splendor. (4th and 5th century B.C."
These objects, considered to be the most valuable, are connected to the legend of Jason and Medea, through a narrative that binds them to the mythology and culture of the western Mediterranean.