The images you'll see as you scroll down to the current text are all part of the story telling in my novel, Realms of Gold:Ritual to Romance.

Bianca Caldwell, pen name, Bianca Fiore, is a writer for an art magazine. In each of her monthly stories she describes an object used in ancient ritual.

Hochdorf Prince

The Celtic Burial ground of the Hochdorf Prince was one of the few undisturbed royal burials of the Early Celtic Period. The passage grave was in an excellent state of preservation and allowed the first detailed insights into the world of the Celtic princes to be gathered. 


The Outer Timber Log Grave Chamber

The Hochdorf prince's appearance could be reconstructed as well as certain aspects of his way of life.The barrow was found to contain two wooden burial chambers one situated inside the other. In the inner chamber was found the remains of a man and a number of burial gifts. 

The man who occupied the log cabin-style burial chamber had been an impressive figure in life. Visibly striking he stood 6'3" tall (1.92 m) towering over his contemporaries. He was about 45 years of age when he died and was laid out in state on an elaborately decorated bronze couch thought to be of Greek origin. The couch was held up by cast bronze human figures riding unicycles.

One of the legs of the couch